Yard Sale!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


There is something cathartic about a good home purge. Front yard, back yard, hauling branches and raking, taking back the land, plotting out and preparing next Spring's garden; steadily and methodically going through each room of the house and clearing out the unwanted clutter, organizing the wanted/needed clutter. It helps a person breathe better. To cope with the crap that life hands you. A way to stay in control when other things are threatening to sweep you under. It steadies the hands and the mind.

My body aches and I'm not as tired as I ought to be. There aren't any pictures of the outside because I forgot to get them. There is, however, a very large pile of crepe myrtle branches occupying the sidewalk out front. This does not include the branches still out back or the trunks that were used in creating the bed for our garden:
Through the glass, past the neighborhood fur-baby, and beyond the yard that cannot stay leaf-free.
Yesterday was easier to stay on task than today. But I made myself do the dining room anyway. So the two front rooms, while in need of completed paint jobs, are so homey now. I love that the tv isn't working, let alone in the front room anymore. And while the computer desk looks- lived in- the rest of it is very cozy and calm making. Too bad there's not a working fire place, although that wouldn't fit in the current arrangement.
Who's ready for story-time?
Ugh, camera, what is with the grain?
1) Not the planned place for the tracks, 2) who wants an awesome gas stove (all parts present, but hidden in oven), and 3) while the kitchen stays relatively clean it's next on the list. Then maybe the hall. Maybe both.
P.S. Don't ya just love the little finger prints on the wall?
Each day a new room/area is going to get deep cleaned, after a quick sweep of the already cleaned rooms. And I am going to keep it up. If the state of one's mind is evident in the state of the home, you can see where I am heading.

Life is on the mend, whether it wants to be or not. Whatever the heck that means. All I know is that if I survive these trials, I will be the most amazing person anyone could ever know.

Not that that's prideful or anything. But sometimes you have to give yourself a hand up.


  1. Wonder what happened to my first comment. Anyway, I wonder if the stove could be converted to propane.

    1. I wondered what you meant about being moderated. I still see that comment, too. I have no idea...

  2. That's what I do, too! I get all bogged down in life and stuff and finally I just put it all in a big pile in the middle of the room and it's leaving to it's right place in the house or it's gone. It makes me feel so good, like I really accomplished something. LOVE it!